APPICS Bounty Campaign

You can earn about 362 stakes, if you:

  • Link your APPICS account to twitter, Facebook and steemit
  • Follow APPICS in Facebook, twitter and steemit
  • Like all Facebook posts from APPICS

You can find the links in your APPICS account:

The earned stakes are later converted to XAP token with this formula:

(Total amount of bounty campaign XAP tokens / Total
amount of bounty campaign participants‘ stakes) * Member‘s

About the whitepaper

  • XAP is an SMT meta token
  • 240.000.000 XAP tokens will be generated
  • Vote is called like (50 Likes per day possible, 100% like reduces the liking power by 2%)
  • No flagging, bad content is removed by moderators
  • Donate to post author possible
  • Transfer costs 0.001 XAP
  • 15 categories for content
  • Livestream for verified user
  • Discovery page for sponser, brands and advertisers
  • market place for verified users and brands (with percentage based fee for payment processing)
  • Hash of the content is stored on the blockchain
  • APPICS power is the equivalent to Steem power
  • 65 % to content creator, 25 % to curation and 10% to the plattform
  • Reward after 7 days
  • Payout 50% XAP and APPICS power or 100% APPICS power
  • NSFW is blocked and there are moderators
  • Multiple accounts creation will be prevented by linking the APPICS account to Facebook and by mobile phone number verification

APPICS is a more mainstream version of steemit, which focus on short contents. As there is no flagging, APPICS will have a hard time to fight against image plagiarism. You can see this on, many posts contain images from the internet without taken care about any copyright.

I think that APPICS is good for steemit, as all token in the ICO have to be paid with STEEM. APPICS will also attract more users and will help to increase the visibility of steemit.

If you like you can use my Referral link to APPICS to participate in the bounty program.