- witness information and curation information added

Besides a better layout (thanks to @louis88), the following things were improved:

  • witness information added
  • curation information about a post is available
  • claim account costs were added


Witness information

Witness information are available under<owner>
Besides the information from the api, the rank and the estimated time for producing the next block (only for witness with rank below 20) are shown:

Curation information

Under<authorperm>, curation information are displayed.
When the post reward has not paid out yet, the shown values are pending and can be changing.

  • Voting time is the time in minutes since post creation
  • Vote is the given vote value in SBD
  • Early vote loss shows the amount of the vote which is removed when voting earlier than 15 minutes
  • Curation is the pending curation reward
  • Performance is the returned curation reward in relation to the given vote

Claim account costs

claim account costs are now shown under