bookkeeping - improved and more detailed reports

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Thanks for using my new service! Since launch, 161 reply comments were broadcasted and I had to increase my delegation to 300 SP:


Improved layout

I improved the comment layout and seperated spent and received STEEM/SBD better:


I did also add more categories for drugwars, magicdice and steemmonsters:


daily, heist and referal are shown for received STEEM. As the transfer layout changed, there are also incoming transfers without category.


  • Receiving transfers from referral, delegation and dividends are shown separately.


  • Vested Steem and Affiliate transfer are shown

smartsteem and minnowbooster were added

I added two new commands. It is now possible to view the receiving and sent transfer from/to smartsteem and minnowbooster.

The transfer memo are not categorized, only summed up. For smartsteem, all transfers from/to:

  • smartsteem
  • smartmarket
    are analyzed.

    Usage for smartmarket

    !bookkeeping smartmarket

For minnowbooster, only the transfer from/to minnowbooster are considered.

Usage for minnowbooster

!bookkeeping minnowbooster

What is missing

Please let me know, which services I should add next. Please let me also know, if I could improve some output.

What next

I will try to add USD (paypal / creditcard) payments for steemmonsters.

Keeping track of transfer from/to exchanges seems also a good idea to me.

I think a daily report which shows the updated results is usefull and will help to reduce the high RC consumption of @bookkeeping.

I will work on a automatic daily post, which shows stats from opt in user. Opting in and out will be done by a special comment cmmand.