Comedy Open Mic Round # 17: You know you've been on steemit too long when ...








Here are some more:

  • when you cross all the names on the election list and wrote down your 30 witnesses
  • when you waiting for the money in your pocket to reappear after you bought the newspaper
  • when you add stage to every website that will not load
  • when you start to write letter to rich people
  • when you are a teacher and discover that a student has copied its homework and you take all his money
  • when you ask your boss after 7 days of work where the first paycheck is
  • when you learning programming for building your first upvote bot
  • when you do nothing for free anymore
  • when you celebrate your steemit birthday with family
  • when your reputation value is written in your CV

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This is my first contribution to Comedy Open Mic, I hope you had some fun by reading this.
I nominate @flugschwein and @isnochys to join the contest.

In order to compensate my automatic upvotes (I’m part of qurator, sbi and make-a-whale), I will not self vote.