What are the advantages of Vericoin (VRC) and Verium Reserve (VRM)

Both are planed to be combined into a dual blockchain system called Binary-Chain. The advantages are that the transaction times for VRC and VRM are reduced and both can be swaped into each other.
VRC has an inovative Proof-of-Stake-Time (POST) proof, by which the VRC-wallet has to be actively open and set to stacking. The used algorithm eleminates the ‘nothing-at-stake’ fork attack vector. The ‘Rich rule’ problem of a Proof-of-Stake is also adressed by the nonlinear POST algorithm.

VRM has a Proof-of-Work-Time (POWT) proof with dynamic block time which is resistant to GPU and Asic mining.

There is also no maximum supply of coins and an inflation of 2% is aimed.
Link to the Whitepaper.

Roadmap (https://portal.vericoin.info/roadmap-the-future-of-vericoin/)

  • Binary-Chain
  • Cipher - encrypted messaging system from one wallet to another
  • User - decentralized user name system
  • Artis -anonymous exchange between VRC and VRM
  • Stratum - communication layer for paying at VISA and Mastercard terminals
  • Gemini - merging of both blockchains into one wallet
  • Mobile apps

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source of picture: https://twitter.com/VeriCoin/status/947265793389035520

I realy looking forward for 2018!