Update for scotbot - rewards can be limited to a specific app and beneficiaries token rewards have been implemented


json_metadata_app_value was set to Null for the SCT token and posting is possible from every app

As you can see here:
three new configuration parameters have been added:

name default value for SCT token
beneficiaries_reward_percentage 0 10
beneficiaries_account null sct.admin
json_metadata_app_value None None

When a posts reaches its payout date, 10% of the token that this post will receive is now sent to the sct.admin account.
author_reward_percentage is now set to 45%, which means that the author will receive 45% and all curators will also receive 45%. So author and curators will receive the same amount of tokens.

Edit: the setting was set back for SCT, so posting is possible again from every app

SCOT token that have set json_metadata_app_value will limit rewards to posts that were posted from the specified app

There is now a json_metadata_app_value parameter. When set, only main posts which are posted from the set app are accepted for rewards. As before, the specified tag must still be added to the post.

Comments will be accepted when the parent main post is accepted.

Parameter setup for other SCOT tokens

@coffeebuds, @actnearn, @pgarcgo, @ribai please let me know, if you want to set some of these new parameters for your SCOT token. The parameter setup throught https://sto.steem-engine.com/#/launch/scotbot will be adapted soon, but I can change the parameter for your bot now.