How could a blog website created from your steem posts look like?

I was asking myself how would it feel when all my steem posts would be bundled in a single website? After finding hexo, I was playing around with saving all posts in markdown files and creating a static blog from it.

You can find my results at

A tag cloud is included:

After experimenting with several themes, selected the cactus, as it is a simple and fast theme.

My sites are generated in 29 seconds:

All generated sites are static and I can upload them without needing a expensive server. I can now select a tag and view all posts that I have written.

E.g. shows all my posts with a rewarding tag:

What do you think about this?

Do you think this is somehow useful? Would you like to have something similar?

For me, this is a more convenient and faster way to take a look on my posts. I can also add information about me and other static sites.

There are some other hexo themes that I will try.