shows curation performance as plot and works for paid out posts

It is now much easier to view the estimated curation performance of a post with


Just replace

(works also by and others).

Curation performance estimation

The estimated curation performance and the all votes are plotted for the first 30 minutes as this is the most important time period for curation:

The curation performance is calculated by the beem function get_curation_rewards.
A 100 % performance means that the equivalent in STU is received in Steem power as curation rewards. E.g. the median steem price is 0.5 $ and the vote was 1 STU. 100 % performance will be achieved when 2 SP will be received as curation rewards. 100% performance is equivalent to a selfvote casted to a post/comment after 15 min which is not voted by others (75% author reward + 25 % curation reward).

Curation performance for paid out posts

The curation performance works now also for already paid out posts.
The curation rewards for @steemchiller/steemworld-weekly-support-18 were paid out:
and I received 0.133 SP.

beempy estimates:
0.134 SP, which is very close. beempy uses the estimated performance, the vote value and the current median steem price for it’s estimation.

For paid out posts, I use the beem class ActiveVotes.