Rewarding paid-out posts without using python

Yesterday I wrote a post where a python script is used for rewarding already paid-out posts. As not everybody can handle python scripts, I created a simple solution that does not need any scripts or coding.

I created the account @rewarding which can be used to create comments under already paid-out posts where the beneficiaries is set to 100% for supporting the author.


I hope my 50 SP delegation is sufficient for now.

How does it work

Send 0.001 SBD to @rewarding with a post link of an already paid-out post that is not upvoted by you.


After sending the transfer, a comment is created by @rewarding, where the beneficiaries are set to 100% supporting the author. There is no automatic upvoting, after sending the transfer, the created comment has to be upvoted manually after 15 minutes.


It is possible to easily check if the benificiaries are set correctly by replacing by

Some restrictions

It is not possible to create comments when:

  • post author and the memo sender are the same person,
  • the post has not paid out yet,
  • unexpired comment was already created,
  • the given link points to a comment and not a post,
  • the post was already upvoted by the memo sender.

I have no idea if this is useful or will be used. If you really like the idea you can delegate some SP to @rewarding, so that the account will not run out of RCs.