rewarding - setting a bounty for post engagement


I’m testing and developing for some time now my @rewarding helper. It can be used as soon as he has the posting authority (

I will disable the bot by $rewarding skip, so that I can write down commands to rewarding without triggering them.

You can find commands for delayed upvotes and for rewarding paid-out posts in my last post about rewarding.

In the newest update, I added a way to reward comment writer by distributing a 100% vote between them. The command for this is:

$rewarding bounty 100% 3days

where 100% is the upvote percentage of the comment in which the beneficiaries is set. 3days is the delay, when the comment upvotes will be counted. At the moment only days are possible, but it is possible to define hours by using a float number: 0.1days (2.4 hours).

The command has to be written down into a comment or in the post itself. It is possible to set a bounty on posts from other authors.

When days are not set, the comments are counted after 6.5 days since post creation.

After 3 days, the rshares of all top level comments are counted. The rshares of the bounty creator have a 80% weight, whereas the rshares of all others votes are counted with 20% weight. Self-votes are skipped. Comments from the bounty creator are also skipped. The top 8 comment writer, will then be rewarded proportional to their voted and weighted rshares. This is done by creating a comment and adding beneficiaries to the winners, so that the comment reward is distributed between them.


Thanks to all Delegators who allow me to run this project:
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