The steemmonsters site on beempy is adapted to the new gameplay

I adapted for the new battle rules of steemmonsters.

Elo-rating of all played decks are shown for all possible rulesets and mana-caps:

Each played deck (cards and levels) is stored into a database as unique string (e.g. 49-1,48-1,47-1,51-1,52-1,62-1). The first number is the card id and the second number the card level. In the next step, I calculate the ELO ranking while handling each deck as player.

The ELO rating is calculated by:
R_A is the rating of deck A, R_B is the rating of deck B, k is set to 40 and S_A is 1 when deck A won, 0 when deck B won or 0.5 when there is a draw.

The ELO-ranking is shown for each possible mana-cap / ruleset combination that has at least one played match.

For example, the best decks for the Unprotected rule set with a mana-cap of 20 can be found here:

Mana_cap = [20,21] means the deck was used for a mana-cap of 20 and 21. Ruleset = ['Standard', 'Silenced Summoners', 'Melee Mayhem', 'Taking Sides', 'Unprotected', 'Weak Magic', 'Target Practice'] shows for which rulesets the deck was used.

Currently, all played battles are analysed. It will take some more hours to be complete. Then, the data are recalculated every hour.

I hope listing all played decks will help to master the steemmonsters card game.