Test for setting beneficaries with beempy

My intention was to use my testing account beembot, for creating this post. I did a logout and a login with beembot, apperently holger80 was in the cache and used for posting.

I created this post with the steemit.com interface, no beneficiaries are set.

Now, I’m using the new beempy command:

beempy beneficiaries @holger80/test-for-setting-beneficaries-with-beempy fullnodeupdate:5%,utopian-io:5%

I was to slow this time and the command failed with:

beemapi.exceptions.UnhandledRPCError: Assert Exception:_c.abs_rshares == 0: Comment must not have been voted on before specifying beneficiaries.

The new beempy command will be added to the new beem version.

second test with beembot

I created https://steemit.com/test/@beembot/setting-beneficiaries-with-beempy-second-test with the normal steemit.com interface and set no beneficiaries.

Then I use the beempy command:

beempy beneficiaries @beembot/setting-beneficiaries-with-beempy-second-test holger80:10,fullnodeupdate:10

It failed with

beemapi.exceptions.RPCError: Assert Exception:beneficiaries[i - 1] < beneficiaries[i]: Benficiaries must be specified in sorted order (account ascending)

I tried again with

beempy beneficiaries @beembot/setting-beneficiaries-with-beempy-second-test fullnodeupdate:10,holger80:10

and succeeded!

So, setting beneficiaries with beempy will be added to the next update!