Access steemit conveyor for reading account information with beempy

conveyor is a steemit API for reading:

  • Feature flags
  • User data (email, phone, etc)

When an account is registered through steemit inc., email and phone data are stored and can be read (only with the account or admin credentials) by conveyor. beempy supports the get_user_data API call:

You can read how to install beempy here. For accessing the data, we need to store the posting key in beempy.

beempy listaccounts

does not show a table with the user account and its posting key, please add the key as described in my last post.


beempy userdata beembot

Replace beembot with your account name.
beembot was not created by steemit inc., thus we see no data here. Let’s repeat this with my account. I added my posting key with beempy addkey and checked it with beempy listaccounts:


Now I can check my user data by

beempy userdata holger80



You probably read about Yotifications.

When the new Yotifications is rolled out, it will be done using this new feature flag system.

I’m checking now my feature_flags, maybe my account is already selected for Yotifications ?

beempy featureflags holger80

No flag yet…. I will recheck later.

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