How to get a good rating for your utopian-io contribution


You can found all question and the possible influence on your rating on the github site of

Each questionnaire consists of a common part and a specific part. The maximum score of each is 50.

Common part

“questions” value “answer”
“Does the writing style meet the Utopian standard considering formalness, informativeness and clarity of the content?” 10 “It is formal, informative and well written with clear content.”
5 “It is informative with clear content but not formal enough.”
4 “The contribution could be more informative or contains unrelated information, formality and clarity of the content are good enough.”
2 “Not all sections were clear enough but overall holds value for the project.”
0 “Not at all.”
“Was the provided category template for the editor followed?” 5 “All points of the template were included with additional points as well.”
4 “The template was followed without additions.”
3 “The template was edited but the points were covered in different way.”
3 “Not all points of the template were covered in the contribution but the structure is clear enough.”
2 “The template was not followed but the structure is clear enough.”
0 “The contents are not clearly structured at all.”
“Did the contributor tag other users?” 5 “No other users were tagged by the contributor.”
5 “Used tags are reasonable and all tagged people are connected to the project and/or the contribution.”
2 “The contribution contains mentions of other users that are not directly related to the contribution but related in other ways.”
0 “The contributor misuses tagging of other users.”
“Did the contributor ask for upvotes, resteems, follows or witness vote?” 5 “No”
5 “Yes, but not in a way that disturbs readability. “
0 “Yes.”
“Was a graphical content like images, charts, videos or screenshots included?” 5 “Yes, the graphical content is included and adds more value to the contribution.”
4 “No but the contribution works well without graphical content well.”
3 “Yes, but most of the graphical content’s purpose is just for presentational matters.”
0 “No relevant or useful graphical content is included in the contribution.”
“How would you rate the overall added value?” 20 “Extraordinary value to both the project and the open source community overall.”
15 “Significant value to the project or open source community.”
10 “Some value to the project or open source community.”
5 “Little value to the project or open source community.”
0 “No obvious value to project or open source community.”

Specific part

It is two much work to copy all specific questions to markdown tables. Just take a look on the specific ts-file.

Task requests are special

When writing a task request, the following points are important:

  • Is the task described in great details? (up to 10 points)
  • Is there a guide on completing the tasks? (up to 10 points)
  • Is there a deadline for this task request? (up to 5 points)
  • Did the project owner provide enough details for the contributors to get in touch? (up to 5 points)
  • Did the project owner provide a liquid bounty (STEEM or other cryptos)? (up to 20 points)


Follow the following points when writing your post (30 of 100 points):

  • Follow the template (5 points)
  • Write formal and informative with clear content (10 points)
  • Do tag other users only if its reasonable (5 points)
  • Do not disturb readability by asking for upvotes, resteems, follow or witness vote (5 points)
  • Include graphical content (5 points)

When writing a task requests see the points in the section above, otherwise provide great value to the community.