steem-feedstock for conda updated to version 1.0.0

A new version was released for steem-python. I updated the conda-feedstock for steem, so that steem can be easily installed with:

conda install steem

conda-forge has to be added once:

conda config --add channels conda-forge

Using conda, is the easiest way to install steem on windows. The second advantage is that all cli-tools work out of the box! Without using conda, the cli-tools steempy, piston and steemtail are not callable directly. For steempy for example, conda creates a steempy.exe and a inside the Scripts directoy of Anaconda/Miniconda.

Just start the Anaconda Prompt and enter steempy , as you can see in the screenshot:



The following changes are merged into PR #2

Fix entry points

fix conflict

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