Update for beem - coverage improved and other improvements

beem is a python library for accessing the steem blockchain. I build beem from scratch using python-bitshares as template. At the moment, beem is not really used, as the github has around 1 unique visitor each day and thats maybe me. The newest version of beem is 0.19.19.

I created a discord channel for answering question or discussing beem: https://discord.gg/4HM592V

beem is not a copy of python-steem, thus the classes and functions are different. beem is almost feature complete and should be able to do all things that python-steem can do. Differences to python-steem:

beem python-steem
websocket nodes yes no
native appbase calls yes no
python 2.7 supportet yes yes
python 3.3 supportet yes no
python 3.4 supportet yes no
python 3.6 supportet yes yes
number of unit tests 340 70
coverage 75 % - 83% ?
can be used on android yes no

I decided to create an own library for steem and not participating to python-steem by pull-requests for the following reasons:

  • as python-steem is the official library, all changes have to be reviewed carfully. This takes a lot of time.
  • python-steem is used by many, therefore it is not possible to change classes or functions easily.
  • I like it to have my own repo, in which I can do what I want :).

beem is open source, so my work may improve python-steem.


Sync changes from python-graphenelib

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