Update for beem (former steempy) - the new python library for steem


steempy is a CLI tool from steem-python, in order to prevent confusion, I renamed my python library to beem. A beam maschine is a special steam engine which utilizes a metal beam. Therefore, beem is a good name for a python library for Steem.

beem is a python library for Steem and uses python-graphenelib from @xeroc. python-graphenelib has a dependency to pcrytodome, which is incompatible to the old and un-maintained pycryto which is used by steem-python. Therefore,
pip install beem will break some functions of steem-python, as pycryto is replaced by pycrytodome.

beem is compatible to python 3.5 and upwards. At the moments, all unit tests passed for python 3.5 and 3.6 for linux, OSX and windows. As soon as python-graphenelib is compatible to python 2.7, I will add compatiblity for python 2.7.

You cannot install beem and steem on the same maschine!

I commited a PR to python-steem: https://github.com/steemit/steem-python/pull/146 in order to fix this.

You can install beem on an Android mobile using Termux. You can learn here how to setup termux.

pkg install clang openssl-dev python python-dev
pip install-U beem


New Features

  • Coverage could improved to 73%!
  • Improved Doku
  • Missing features added
  • More unit tests
  • Library renamed to beem

    Added missing transaction objects and more unit tests

  • https://github.com/holgern/beem/commit/761a3a607201bd7fa87ae76bebe9427e6f2a9cda
  • ExchangeRate, Beneficiary, Beneficiaries, CommentOptionExtensions, Transfer_to_vesting, Withdraw_vesting, Account_witness_vote, Comment, Custom_json, Comment_options, Feed_publish, Convert, Set_withdraw_vesting_route, Limit_order_cancel, Delegate_vesting_shares, Limit_order_create, Transfer_from_savings, Cancel_transfer_from_savings, Claim_reward_balance, Transfer_to_savings added
  • Unit tests added

    Added missing functions and objects

  • https://github.com/holgern/beem/commit/47cf2b4ceeeef87532722d8197400ded7e59fc16


    • reputation added
  • history improved and fixed


  • ops and ops_statistics added


  • function-names improved
  • ops_statistics added


  • json export added

    Comment class added

    Discussion class added


  • follow and account by key api added and fixed


  • more nodes added


  • Helpfunctions added


  • blockchainobject
  • refresh fixed


  • purgeWallet added


  • printAsTable function added
  • WitnessesVotedByAccount added
  • WitnessesRankedByVote added
  • WitnessesByIds added
  • LookupWitnesses added


  • register_apis fixed


  • unit tests added


  • unittests added

    Rename library from steempy to beem

  • https://github.com/holgern/beem/commit/f166f7fc857c0270f4a684d655a9386c65e49274

Improve doc and upstream fixes from python-bitshares included

Did you try my new library yet? Please give me feedback!

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